What my clients are saying about my coaching

"Evgenia  has a natural ability to lead through the coaching in a very consultative way. By this I mean she is able to coach through thought-provoking questions that cause me to stop, pause and think through my development. This also creates a safe environment and shows that she really cares"


"I've thought that the coaching is useful and that Evgenia does a great job of triggering additional thoughts or questions to consider. Evgenia is easy to talk to which makes her even more effective. It has been good to just have open conversations and create game plans for improving my work-life balance"


"I personally really feel motivated by Evgenia's approach. She listens to what I am communicating to her and really forces me to explore my own thoughts. I hope as we evolve there will be opportunities for co-creating solutions and methods for how best to improve upon myself and better allocate my time.... I very much appreciate the support of a coach (to have someone in my corner)..."


"First of all, I would like to thank Evgenia very much for her coaching! In just 45 min I reached the goal and solved my problem which I had for a long time!

I felt very comfortable during the session. I liked that she used different approaches and what I mean is that if the question didn’t resonate with me, she naturally switched to another one. What really served well is that she wrote down my words and repeated them to me. It helped me to reflect better.

What is really helpful is that Evgenia is holding me accountable for my commitments"